Welcome to ADA University Campus

The ADA University campus pulsates as a vibrant hub of knowledge and life itself. More than mere academic grounds, it embodies a lifestyle rich in diverse experiences, fostering learning, self-discovery, and lasting connections, extending from the classrooms to the lush ADA gardens. At the core of this dynamic environment lies the beating heart of the University, a bustling nexus where education, culture, and personal development converge. It transcends the mere physical structures; it's a living expanse igniting transformative journeys for its students. Within its classrooms, the revered "Majlis" hall, and the bustling "Caravanserai," intellectual exploration finds its anchor, nurturing critical thinking and empowering academic excellence.

Paul Coffee Shop

At ADA Library, we combine intellectual pursuit with social interaction. It has a Coffee Shop called " Paul" on the first floor of the building. The Coffee Shop is designed to encourage social interaction and enhance networking opportunities. 

This is an area where students come together to grab a cup of tea or coffee and discuss their ideas over a communal table. Lounge seating is spread along the windows to allow for individual and teamwork.