In order to succeed, it will be necessary to open many schools, publish many books, magazines and newspapers.
Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev.

Ways to Give

You may choose many ways to support ADA University. Help us to prepare the next generation of global leaders, sustain innovative learning and continue building a thriving location.


Supporting ADA means supporting education and research, but also supporting an influential center of individual accomplishment. Giving to ADA can impact not only the quality of education we offer, but also provide a support that can tangibly impact lives of ADA students, faculty and staff. The leaders produced by this institution will go on to do great good in the global community, and they will forever be connected to the campus in Baku where they worked together and learned with some of the greatest minds.  


Capital gifts help ADA build a strong, permanent endowment. Your name will be prominently displayed at the entrance of a facility of your choice. Over 15 years, the number of students, parents, alumni, friends who come in and out of these facilities will keep growing. They will notice your name, walk into those facilities with gratefulness and walk out of them with inspiration.  

Take a virtual tour of Azerbaijan's most innovative Smart and Green campus, ADA University.  


Centers serve the purpose of knowledge production and dissemination. They also cultivate skills and competencies. Capital gifts to Centers will ensure that they are named after a benefactor for 15 years.


This initiative of ours is a joint venture between ADA and State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR). In fact, The Caspian Center for Energy and Environment is endowed by SOCAR. The Center focuses on teaching, research and outreach activities, such as conferences, workshops and round-table discussions. As part of CCEE, ADA conducts Baku Summer Energy School as a certificate program for 2 weeks in July.


At ADA, we specialize in preparing our students for a rewarding and accomplished future. This preparation includes exposing our students to ADA’s ample and effective resources for career and leadership development. The Career Management Center provides support to help guide our students through an effective career campaign. The Center offers individual career counseling and helps in charting a course for students’ careers, from job searching through ADA’s extensive professional network, to assisting with jobs and internships tailored to meet their specific career interests.


At ADA, students enjoy ownership of their education. We value our student’s academic merit and performance. And we tend to reward it through generous scholarships and fellowships. Various financial aid resources including merit-based scholarships and fellowships are available to help students obtain the education they wish to further their professional and career goals. 

At ADA, we strongly believe that today’s leaders are men and women who distinguish themselves with their integrity, ethics, outstanding performance and commitment to give back to society. Scholarships and Fellowships are named after individuals of merit and distinction. Contributions can be made to any of the scholarships already established by ADA University.

At ADA University, we are motivated by a need to establish an outstanding education and training for our own citizens in Azerbaijan.

But we realize that our growing nation also has a responsibility to bring first-class international education and leadership training for others in the region and the world. We wish to promote intellectual inquiry on a wide range of topics. Therefore, ADA University has launched a fellowship for international students meant to prepare global leaders who have a strong commitment to serve a public cause. International Fellowship covers the tuition fee, housing, and books.
Born: May, 1862, Georgia
Occupation: Political figure

Alimardan bay Topchubashov was a man who obtained many different career accomplishments, but in all of them, with the same passion and goal to serve his nation. He was a writer, journalist, lawyer, public activist, civil servant, educator and many others.  Probably that was his eternal and unchangeable dedication that brought him to an association with our history in different careers he obtained and geographies he lived.

In early 19th century, he played an important role to unite our nation under the same will of independence and successfully served as the head of Parliament and Foreign Ministry in Azerbaijan Democratic Republic then, and led Azerbaijani delegation to Paris Peace Conference where he played a tremendous role to achieve de-jure recognition for our newly established first republic.

His eternal dedication to statehood as a charismatic, knowledgeable,  and skillful statesman has set an example for all upcoming generations of professionals in Azerbaijan, and ADA University takes pride to grow up such talented and professional individuals for Azerbaijan and beyond. 

At ADA University, we recognize the sacrifice of those men and women who have fought for the independence and territorial integrity of their country. Their generation have already made legendary and unprecedented sacrifices, and they still keep doing so. The mightiness of any nation is measured with how they honor their fallen men and women, rally round their flag and continue serving the cause for which those have fallen in war. While there are many ways to honor our country’s heroes, ADA University has chosen to stand at the intersection of real need and lasting impact. Thus, ADA University established ‘Heroes Tribute’ Scholarship in order educate the children of those brave sons of the country. We want to make sure every child of a war hero can attend ADA University and receive a quality education. While doing so, we also want to transform this university into a community, where a sense of citizenship and social responsibility is further upheld and endorsed.
Heroes Tribute Scholarship

At ADA University, we uphold and continue the best traditions of our nation. At the end of each academic year, ADA University presents groups of students with an important award named after Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev.

The purpose of the Award is to transform the university into a community, where a sense of citizenship and social responsibility is upheld and endorsed. This prestigious Award promotes such values as civic engagement, social responsibility, teamwork and caring for others. HZT Award is offered in the amount of 5,000 AZN divided among the three groups of students whose projects have been selected as finalists.
Born: January 25, 1823, Baku
Occupation: Businessman, philantropist

Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was a notable businessman and philanthropist. He had never got an education and had started to work at the very early age to support his family, yet, throughout such challenged years, he had build up very strong sense of appreciation of education, culture, and enlightenment. He was a man who faced challenges , but did not pass through, rather shared  his fortune with his countrymen by building homes, schools, and theaters in Baku, Azerbaijan and he sponsored bright young Azerbaijani students, often funding their education at prestigious schools and universities abroad. He spent most of his money on building human resources which took the country much further later on.

He had strong vision of future. He sold a big part of his wealth gained from oil money and invested his return in non-oil sector to diversify the economy.  

He was indeed a symbol of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and success, while his undying commitment to improving standard of living in Azerbaijan continues to serve as a source of inspiration to ADA University and Azerbaijanis of all generations. His modest, while at the same dynamic, approach to life is what ADA University strives to divulge into the mind of its students. 


Becoming a member of ADA Foundation will give you a unique opportunity to take part in the dynamic development of a world-class education system in Azerbaijan. It will also offer you opportunities for networking with public and private sectors, as well as academic world, to learn and share information and ideas of mutual interest.

By affiliating with ADA Foundation you are investing in the future of the university, thereby, helping the growth and development of highly educated and innovative future leaders – global and national.


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Policy BriefsShort analytical papers focusing on the causes and implications of politics, economics, energy and environment related trends in the wider Caspian region.

Working PapersIn-depth analysis of the crucial developments, energy and environmental policy issues influencing wider Caspian Sea region.

Regular Member BriefingsOffering expert opinion on significant developments in Azerbaijani and regional politics and economy.

Baku Summer Energy SchoolAnnual two-week certificate program held in July in partnership with the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). It brings together world-renowned scholars, academicians and policy makers to examine and gain a better understanding of global energy and environment issues and their practical application.

Caspian Basin StudiesA two-week certificate program that offers a unique opportunity for members to explore and study the in-depths of the Caspian Basin region.


Baku DialogueAnnual conference organized by ADA University with participation of government officials, regional leaders and business executives from top companies. Held once a year, this major event brings together members and friends to celebrate our accomplishments, reach out to a larger community of friends and supporters and network in a spectacular reception and dinner.

Regular Breakfast and Luncheon MeetingsDuring these meetings, members get a chance to network and stay informed about recent developments in and around the region.

Advertisement and RecognitionMembers get a unique chance of recognition and publicity in all relevant publications and marketing materials of ours.


Executive Education and Certificate ProgramsOffered regularly and designed to serve human capacity development and enhancement objectives of our members. Our programs extend in areas, such as leadership development, communication enhancement, project management, business writing, financial planning, and other urgent needs.

Open Enrollment and Customized ProgramsThese programs are offered in Baku and Washington DC, in conjunction with internationally recognized partners.

Access to ADA University LibraryA unique opportunity reserved for our members only to gain access to this trademark of ADA with the most substantial foreign language collection in the region.


Access to TalentProvide members with access to talent in much needed areas such as business administration, information technologies and engineering, education management, international affairs, public policy and other.

Summer InternshipsOpportunity to offer summer internships to a highly competitive student talent in a variety of industries.

Employment OpportunitiesOpportunity to employ a highly skilled and educated talent.

ADA Annual Career WeekParticipation in ADA Annual Career Week exposing members to a pool of highly educated and skilled prospective employees.

Industry PanelsFocused industry panels where executives from a select industry meet to share their experience with students who are interested in pursuing a career in their respective industry.

Company PresentationsCompany presentations where members share their insights with potential employees on important topics such as career trends, corporate culture, ways of joining their team and succeeding in their organization.

Career Connection ProjectsThese projects give an opportunity to our members and students to work on a real world projects together as a team, whereby members gain a unique opportunity to observe true skills of their prospective employees.


In addition to all services offered to Members, Benefactors also enjoy following benefits:

ADA Benefactor’s ClubIt is a recognition society, which honors and celebrates our distinguished friends, whose relentless support plays an important role in advancing the mission of ADA University.

Bi-monthly CEO LuncheonsWe organize luncheon meetings with a select group of CEOs where they discuss matters of mutual interest, also gain access to a high-level public and private sector executives.

Benefactor’s Annual ReceptionA unique networking opportunity with key decision makers in a private reception, reserved for our Benefactors. This reception is held as part of our major international annual conference.


Individuals, corporations and foundations may elect to sponsor current operations, programs and projects of ADA. Sponsors receive adequate recognition for their generous support of and contribution to our current programs. Your sponsorships provide a vital flow of support to ADA to make sure we sustain a robust environment in and outside classroom. Most importantly, they encourage and sustain innovative ideas brought to life through such projects.
Several sponsorship opportunities are available.

Baku Summer Energy School

The Baku Summer School is aimed at bringing together world-renowned scholars, academicians and experts together with the ADA students and faculty to discuss and gain better understanding of issues of global importance and their practical application. 

Baku Summer Energy School examines major issues such as fundamentals of energy, energy law, economics and politics of energy, environmental impacts and strategic management. energy politics and economics inthe contemporary international system. The School is interactive in its format and provides an extensive opportunity for professionals in the field of energy to interact and build long-lasting ties. For further information please click here.

A major international annual conference organized by ADA University with participation of government officials, regional leaders and business executives from top companies.

Baku Dialogue

Offers an in-depth understanding of the Caspian region states and nations. The conference studies the region’s diverse and rich history and culture, demographic makeup, ethnic and territorial conflicts, economy and trade, geopolitics and issues of regional security

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Gifts to the ADA University have an immediate impact on our priorities. Whether it is student financial aid, educational innovation, global outreach, cutting-edge research or diversity, they are equally important. 

Any kind of gift matters, independent of its amount. By making a gift to ADA University, you can join our efforts and help us to make a difference together.


Ways to Give

You may choose many ways to support ADA University. Help us to prepare the next generation of global leaders, sustain innovative learning and continue building a thriving location.