Thank you in advance for willing to invest in new minds, new mentality and new generation.
Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev

Our Campus

Buildings are not about aesthetic exterior looks only. How a space is designed inside those buildings is important. For it is that space, which will help foster the culture, spirit and environment of the university. ADA is a lifestyle where students come in the morning, but do not leave right after a class. It is a social hub where future diplomats and business executives and engineers are cultivated to work together. Innovative architecture designed to avoid isolation defines these buildings. 

Ours is also Green and Smart Campus, which is the first of its kind in the region. In addition to the main campus in Baku, ADA is complemented by ADA International, i.e. ADA University Foundation in Washington DC.


our-campus/buildings Buildings Buildings

Assembly Halls

our-campus/assembly-halls Assembly Halls Assembly Halls

Support Facilities

our-campus/support-facilities Support Facilities Support Facilities


our-campus/classrooms Classrooms Classrooms

Study and Collaboration

our-campus/study-and-collaboration Study and Collaboration Study and Collaboration

Gardens of ADA

our-campus/gardens-of-ada Gardens of ADA Gardens of ADA